The Moonwalkers Lithograph


The Moonwalkers Lithograph - All Hand Signed by each Apollo Moonwalker, except Neil Armstrong


There's a long, long story behind this one. Simply, this print was first begun in 1986, but out-lived three of the signees before it even became available to the public. It emerged from years of litigation and false starts, and now the signing astronauts have specifically asked Novaspace to finally give it the exposure it deserves. The late Jim Irwin was the first to sign, and 10 other moonwalkers have added their autographs over the years.

All 6 lunar landings are represented. A total of ELEVEN moonwalkers have signed this print: Buzz Aldrin, Pete Conrad, Alan Bean, Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, Jim Irwin, Dave Scott, Charlie Duke, John Young, Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt. All unquestionably authentic. The signing astronauts OWN this edition and Novaspace is the ONLY place you can get one.The remaining moonwalker - Neil Armstrong, quit signing over 10 years ago, so this is considered complete. If he did sign, the price would be unreachable to all but the very rich. This print measures an enormous 25x31, and framed it is 33x39. It was painted by artist Ron Lewis, in an edition of 1000, signed and numbered. It is printed on acid-free, very heavy stock in pristine condition, despite being handled repeatedly over nearly 20 years.

They were even shipped to us in custom-made, locked metal crates! Each portrait was done from the astronaut's NASA WSS (white space suit) portrait, and beside each bust is a little vignette of the astronaut in action, doing something unique to him on the moon (Conrad with Surveyor, Shepard's chip shot...) It makes a nice, large, displayable vehicle for these historic signatures.

Remember: Signers Mitchell, Bean, Cernan, Conrad, Shepard and Irwin have left Earth permanently, so nothing like this will ever be possible again. Each print comes with an unchallenged certificate of authenticity.

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