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Apollo 8 FLOWN heatshield presentation

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Apollo 8 FLOWN heatshield presentation

First time mankind left the gravity of earth and watched an "earthrise".
Apollo 8 became one of the most famous Apollo missions circling around the moon on Christmas 1968 where the astronauts James Lovell, Frank Borman and Bill Anders read from the bible.

This presentation bears a part of the flown heatshield of Apollo 8 and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity plus a fact sheet about Apollo 8.

The source of this heatshield is a larger block formerly encased in lucite and given to NASA workers and VIPs as a recognition of their work in the Apollo program. Flown artifacts from Apollo 8 are very rare and high in demand.

Your presentation package includes :

*8x10 color glossy presentation - ready to mat and frame
*Flown heatshield fragment from the Apollo 8 Command Module
*Certificate of authenticity