Expedition 22 Mission Sticker

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Expedition 22 Mission Sticker

Expedition 22 begins with the Soyuz TMA-15 undocking in November 2009. Three new crew members will arrive shortly thereafter on Soyuz TMA-17.Soyuz TMA-16Crew: Jeff Williams, Maxim SuraevLaunch: Sept. 30, 2009Docking: Oct. 2, 2009Landing: March 18, 2010Soyuz TMA-17Crew: Oleg Kotov, Soichi Noguchi, T.J. CreamerLaunch: Dec. 7, 2009Docking: Dec. 9, 2009Landing: May 2010

  • Number of crew: 6 (planned)

  • Launch date: November 2009

  • Launch spacecraft Soyuz TMA-16, Soyuz TMA-17