Martian Meteorite NWA 4925 -  Mars rock

Martian Meteorite NWA 4925 - Mars rock

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Own a real piece of the Red Planet

Mars at a great price!

Like lunar meteorites these meteorites are among the most thought-after and rarest on the market. Our newly classified Martian meteorites to the collector?s delight. The NWA 4925 (Northwest Africa 4925) is a martian meteorite, weighing 282.3 g, classified, olivine-phyric shergottite. The meteorite was found in northwest Africa and bought in Erfoud, Morocco. Shergottites are pieces of the crustal mantle of the planet Mars that were blown into orbit by an enormous meteorite impact hitting the red planet. This meteorite spent ages in space before it was caught by the earth's gravity and landed in the Libyan desert.

How do I know it's a real piece of Mars?

Check the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory website for further details : NASA JPL page about DAG 735 The marsrock comes in a plastic box and is about 3 mm long which is fairly large. The box is 2x1 inch in size and can be opened, of course, to touch your piece of mars. A PERFECT AND UNUSUAL GIFT IDEA!