STS-115 Mission Patch

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Atlantis and her six member crew are now docked at the International Space Station and are working on the newly installed P3/P4 integrated truss for operation. Inset photo: Launch Day! A fish-eye view curves the fixed service structure toward Space Shuttle Atlantis as it hurtles past, propelled by columns of fire from the solid rocket boosters. Below, the smoke and steam billows across Launch Pad 39B. During their 11 days in space, the astronauts will install the integrated P3/P4 truss segment with its two large solar arrays that will provide one-fourth of the total power generation capability of the completed ISS.

Mission Commander: Brent Jett
Pilot: Christopher Ferguson
Mission Specialist: Joseph Tanner
Mission Specialist: Daniel Burbank
Mission Specialist: Steven MacLean (CSA)
Mission Specialist: Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper

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