STS-132 Mission Sticker

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STS-132 Mission Sticker
Our STS-132 Mission Sticker is a 4" sticker.STS-132 is the next shuttle mission to visit the International Space Station, targeted for 14 May 2010.The primary payload is scheduled to be the Russian Rassvet Mini-Research Module along with an Integrated Cargo Carrier-Vertical Light Deployable (ICC-VLD).STS-132 is scheduled to be the final flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis provided that the STS-335 Launch On Need rescue mission is not flown.

  • Launch Target:May 14, 2010
  • Orbiter:Atlantis
  • Mission Number:STS-132(132nd space shuttle flight)
  • Mission Duration:12 days
  • Landing Site:KSC
  • Inclination/Altitude:51.6 degrees/122 nautical miles
  • Primary Payload:34th station flight (ULF4), Integrated Cargo Carrier (ICC), Mini Research Module (MRM1)
  • Commander Kenneth Ham
  • Pilot Dominic A. "Tony" Antonelli
  • Mission Specialist 1 Michael T. Good
  • Mission Specialist 2 Piers Sellers
  • Mission Specialist 3 Stephen G. Bowe
  • Mission Specialist 4 Garrett Reisman