STS- 83 Mission Patch

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STS-83 Microgravity Science Laboratory-1 (MSL-1) 04/04/1997 04/08/1997 83rd Space Shuttle Mission22nd Flight of Columbia Crew:James D. Halsell, Jr., CommanderSusan L. Still, PilotJanice Voss, Payload CommanderMichael L. Gernhardt, Mission SpecialistDonald A. Thomas, Mission SpecialistRoger K. Crouch, Payload SpecialistGregory T. Linteris, Payload Specialist The primary payload, the pressurized Microgravity Science Laboratory-1 (MSL-1) housed in Columbia's cargo bay, was being flown for the first time and contained a plethora of life science and materials experiments. Fuel cell failure caused the mission to be cut short. Opportunity for an additional Shuttle flight in 1997 was made possible by the postponement of an International Space Station construction flight initially scheduled for late 1997. The STS-83 re-flight was originally designated STS-83R, but was redesignated STS-94.