4 Fragment Meteorite Set


NEW! This set now includes the highly sought after Canyon Diablo meteorite in a set for the first time!

Box size is 5.5" x 4.5"

(image with 3 sets, to show the size of the sets. purchase is for 1 of the 4 piece sets)

Stony Iron Meteorite Fragment - Sahara Desert, Morocco

Our stony meteorites are found in the Sahara desert in Morocco, and along the Algerian border. These meteorite falls occurred between 10,000 and 50,000 years ago. These stone chondrite meteorites have limited rust due to the dry desert conditions.

Campo del Cielo Iron Meteorite Fragment - Coconino, Arizona, USA

First discovered in 1571, this meteorite is believed to have fallen 4000-6000 years ago. Pieces range in size from small grains to 35 tons; consist of 92.2% iron, 6.68% nickel, 1.12% cobalt, phosphorus germanium and gallium. 

Sikhote-Alin Iron Nickel Meteorite Fragment - Siberia, Russia

This meteorite fell to earth on February 12, 1947 in Eastern Siberia. Observers witnessed a bright fireball with a 10 mile smoke trail and heard a deafening roar. The meteor broke up several miles above the earth, creating a rain of shrapnel. Fortunately, the fall was in an uninhabited area. It is composed of 93% iron, 5.9% nickel, .42% cobalt, .68% phosphorus germanium.

Canyon Diablo Iron Octahedrite Meteorite Fragment - Coconino, Arizona

The asteroid fell about 50,000 years ago that created Meteor Crater, Arizona, United States. The meteorites have been known and collected since the mid-19th Century and were used by pre-historic Native Americans. 

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