4 Interesting Things To Gift To Your Space Enthusiast Kid


Thinking about what to gift to your child on his birthday can turn into an overwhelming task. The ideal approach is to figure out their passion and surprise them with something very close to it. Now, if your child is a space enthusiast, there could be nothing better than getting them a space gift to bring out the excitement within them. And no, I’m not talking about space books or a constellation chart, think of something bigger and more unpredictable. The positions of constellations and the basic star stuff can easily be found on the internet. And if your kid is too much into it, you can be sure that they already know those things. So here’s a list of four interesting collectibles that you can buy for your space enthusiast child.

1. Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich

A mouth-watering blend of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate wafers, this is gonna be the all time favorite for your child. Since it has a 3 year shelf life, they can even choose to store it for a while and then save the intricately designed wrapper for memories.

2. Youth NASA Flare T-Shirt

This unique Youth NASA Flare T-Shirt has the NASA Vector Logo with a star flare at the tip of the vector. It also has planet earth in the background, as well as some stars above, giving it the perfectly mesmerizing look. This shirt is screen printed on a heavy weight Gildan and is made from 100% cotton. It is available in 4 sizes, so you can choose the one that will fit your child the best.

3. Meteorite 3-Pack

Give them a real piece of space. Each meteorite comes in an attractive glass-top display box. Included on the information card is the name, where it was found, the class, date of fall/find, description and additional remarks. Size will vary but most are 1/2 inch to an inch in diameter. The set has:

a)Stony Iron Meteorite Fragment - Sahara Desert
b)MoroccoIron Nickel Meteorite Fragment Campo del Cielo, Argentina
c)Iron Nickel Meteorite Fragment Sikhote-Alin, Siberia, Russia

4. Rocket Rug - Hand Tufted and Hand Carved

This is an exquisite piece, indeed, and is sure to bring the missing element of space in your child’s room to life.The rug measures 29" x 49". The color scheme is a light blue, cream white, red, black, and gold. Enliven your kid’s room on his birthday with this special gift that is a hand tufted and hand carved high quality rug.

So that’s that! A list of all those things that can make your child’s birthday special. And for something really grand for yourself or your space enthusiast partner, you can even get the best space suit replica- Apollo A7L 'Moon Suit' Replica. It includes a spacesuit, a backpack, a chest pack, boots, gloves, a snoopy cap, and a helmet with see through gold reflective visor, just like the actual Apollo helmets. The helmet is a realistic and detailed Apollo helmet and NOT a generic helmet that you come across on other websites or retail stores.

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