A Quick Inside Look at Meteorite Collectors



Becoming a meteorite collector is growing into one of the most popular hobbies of our time, with more people entering as first time collectors. Dealers are known in business for selling Meteor rocks, only which would be very difficult back in the day when there wasn't as many meteor leftovers as there is now to collect from. Meteor collecting back in the day was looked down upon because everyone was convinced, due to the Church's words that the heavens and earth are perfect and by any stones falling from the sky, that would be the opposite of their beliefs which would not be tolerated. But after so many meteor showers filled up our skies and ground, especially, the huge meteor rain that filled the farm lands of France. This led to the very first meteor collector Jean Baptiste Biot, who was simply the first to investigate the nature of meteor stones and try to determine their origins. One thing they can all agree on was that they definitely have been orbiting in space for hundreds and even thousands of years.

Meteor collecting was only available for the largest and most well-known museums when people first started collecting them. The only people who could afford a meteor rock where either the museums or the really wealthy, making being a meteor collector a noble hobby to be a part of. Over time with the internet expanding the way the world communicates and with so many websites offering a trade system between collectors, meteor collecting has grown to allow anyone in the world with a little bit of money and an internet connection to begin their collecting and get their first meteor stone.

Meteors come in three different shapes and material: Stone Meteors, Iron Meteors, and a combination of both stone and iron to make one rock. It's safe to say space is filled with iron and stones, and huge meteors are the reason why small meteors reach earth, but with the constant reactions a meteor has while travelling space, by the time it reaches us it would have been a part of many hits and accidents that broke it down to the size we get.

The International Meteorite Collectors Association offers memberships for people interested in legitimately pursuing a hobby in collecting meteors by keeping them updated on what is going on in the world about meteor rocks and information needed to better understand the origin and age of the meteor they posses.


  • Posted on by Annetjie
    I picked up so rocks
  • Posted on by Manas kumar

    Mere pass meteorite hai Mai ise sell katna chata hu

  • Posted on by Manas kumar

    Mere pass meteorite hai Mai ise sell katna chata hu

  • Posted on by Parantap Sharma

    Sir I have a Lanzhou stone and want to sale my price 6000000$ how to sale this

  • Posted on by Geraint Jones

    Hi ,I live in Hampshire UK but I walk a lot with my partner . My partner for the last 40 years has known about a field in salsbury Wiltshire where there are meteorites on the ground.we have at least 100 weighing from 1 gram to 300 grams . Would anyone be interested in them. Many thanks

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