An Astronaut’s Ice Cream fan? Space Myth Debunked for Honest Citizens on Earth


Do you know, astronauts before going away on critical missions in the outer-space, while orbiting around the earth, and during their extended missions, willingly leave behind freshly cooked food, snacks (unhealthy and fried)? You won’t believe a few things astronauts have to gulp down in desperation when they are nautical miles away from the earth’s surface, way too far to fetch a subway delivery or grab a beer with nuggets.


Here are a few space favorites, which astronauts snack on before going on human-crewed missions:

A - Hot-dogs, Spaghetti, Chicken-soup (closed-lid), and meatballs; since all of these items can be stored and eaten without much fuss.

B - Calcium, since bones become weak relatively faster and astronauts need some quick recovery options.

C - Tortillas, Bread Crumbs, and M&Ms to keep the sweet and sugar quotient alive.

For those who are wondering about the astronaut ice cream, sadly, there is no such thing in space and even compared to the product made for earthlings, the version of freeze-dried vanilla ice cream between chocolate wafers is only enjoyed on earth and not in space. That’s the closest for the general masses to have an ‘out-of-the-earth’ experience, snacking on ice cream made with almost no water presence.

Hot dogs and Spaghetti can be enjoyed in every other corner, but for an astronaut ice cream, you must visit the Space Store.

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