Another New NASA Invention: ‘Robo-Glove’


There’s a new development from NASA, and this time it doesn’t only relate to space.  The Robo-Glove was inspired by the Robonaut 2, a humanoid robot capable of handling greater physical demands than the average human body.  Being a spinoff, it employs the same incredibly advanced technology, but has surprisingly practical uses that make it exciting for all types of industries and medical applications.

What is Robo-Glove?

Robo-glove is a robotic glove that fits over the hand, and can handle high weight burdens and micro-motions without causing injury to the actual wearer.  It was initially developed for those who have to execute repetitive motions such as writing and using tools, and are therefore prone to issues like carpal tunnel syndrome.  The goal is to alleviate stress on the actual muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, allowing the robotic technology to do all of the work.

It contains actuators and pressure sensors that allow it to operate seamlessly with the natural movements made by the hand, so that you can intuitively grasp objects and do small motions like you normally would, only without putting the burden on the body.

It’s Not Just for Astronauts

You may think that the Robo-Glove was developed solely for space-related purposes, but that’s not the case.  This new and exciting technology is promising for those who work in a wide range of unrelated industries, including construction, assembly line work and those who handle hazardous materials, as its protective material keeps the skin safe from caustic and toxic chemicals. 

It Can Save Your Hand

The Robo-Glove can quite literally save your hand as well as your wrist and arm from injury, as it takes the burden off of the musculoskeletal system while allowing you to do the same tasks that you normally do.  It can greatly reduce the risk of hazards at work, while offering the long-term benefit of an injury-free upper body.

It Can Help You Accomplish Amazing Things

The Robo-Glove takes your capabilities to the next level by allowing you to grasp objects more efficiently and handle heavier weights.  Time will tell how this piece of technology makes incredible things possible in often mundane work environments, as well as in personal applications.

It Can Be Used in Prosthetic Applications

Maybe the most exciting thing of all is that the technology behind the Robo-Glove makes it compatible with prosthetic applications, potentially being the most capable prosthetic to date given how advanced it is.  If you lose the use of your hand, the Robo-Glove could, theoretically, ensure that you can fulfill the same tasks just as you once did.  Of course, NASA’s robotic technology is quite advanced overall, and they have the capability and resources to create more prosthetics in addition to just the hands, including feet and entire ligaments if they so choose.

It’s Ergonomic and Surprisingly Comfortable

Those who have had the pleasure of using the Robo-Glove have said that it’s surprisingly comfortable to wear, and highly ergonomic.  It doesn’t weigh the arm or actual hand down, and it fits easily and securely without being too tight or restricting movement in any way.  Ergonomically, it’s designed to move easily and freely, not to mention intuitively.

How to Acquire a Robo-Glove

So, do you want the Robo-Glove after hearing about all that it’s capable of? 

Well, you might need to wait a bit longer.  NASA does not replicate their technology for commercial use, which is understandably disappointing.  This means that you won’t be finding a Robo-Glove in your local shopping mall anytime soon.

But NASA is a generous organization who will allow industries to license the technology to create Robo-Gloves for workers.  So, there could come a point in the near future where certain professions provide Robo-Gloves to make work more efficient while saving the wellbeing of employees.

Of course, it won’t be cheap.  Robo-Gloves will undoubtedly be extremely costly due to the enormous effort that goes into building each one.  So, it may be viewed as a luxury item before it becomes a practical piece of equipment.

The Robo-Glove is a brilliant piece of technology that can benefit humanity through several applications.  This is yet another example of NASA’s ability to provide functional yet highly futuristic hardware that can improve many aspects of our daily lives.

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