Escalation of NASA's Cellular Biotechnology Studies


The world is fast transforming in terms of technology. Be it in the field of science, technology and space, people are in real thirst to uncover what has for so long remained to be a mystery to humanity. NASA has not been left out either. NASA is one science body that deals with the study of space and what they entail and how several factors about the space operate. They seek to make the abstract ideologies we have about the space concrete, and they provide their explanations and justifications. Their ability to safely land on the Moon is one of the most amazing scientific undertaking by NASA ever.

On the field of cellular biotechnology, NASA has made a couple of steps that seeks to explain matters that hitherto has been mysterious. NASA has come to the realization that cells grown in a minute of gravity develop complex structure compared to those grown under normal circumstances. They have taken further steps to make their understanding more clear. They grew six cell lines of normal illness of humans in the ISS. The cells were thus brought to earth to be further studied in alignment to human illness. This whole process seeks to understand better the mechanisms that are necessary to fight diseases of the immune systems of people.

NASA has earlier on undertaken a research that indicated that cells suspensions portray immunity in response under micro-gravity. Only those cells that were activated in micro-gravity did not portray an ability to increase their antibodies production. Amazingly, though, the cells that were activated by exposure to micro-gravity showed a tendency of increasing their antibodies. What all the research circumstances are about is the fact that micro-gravity can be used as a factor to suppress immune responses. This can help in tackling circulating antibodies like human immunodeficiency virus which has turned into a threat to humanity. This has as well helped to explain the malfunctioning of immune system of the astronauts.

NASA is thus seeking to advance their research and maybe someday they will be able to tackle viruses in human cells that are circulatory in manner which renders them quite hard to handle.

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