'HELLO UNIVERSE' Limited Edition Print by Apollo 12 Astronaut Alan Bean


Hello Universe is a different artistic direction for Alan Bean. A riot of color and texture, this is a large inspirational piece that conveys the joy of exploration. Bean's impressionistic roots are evident in dabs and slashes of color, all merging to chart another classic self-portrait of the emotion of the artist-explorer.

Hello Universe”, a single representative astronaut in a spirited gesture of joy and wonder, in a fine art limited edition print, signed by Alan Bean, Eugene A. Cernan and Edgar D. Mitchell.

“Here we are, humans of planet Earth, standing on our only moon. Getting there wasn’t easy; in fact, it took about four hundred thousand of us giving our best efforts. None could do it alone but together we found a way to achieve this seemingly impossible dream. When the time is right, we will be ready to continue our noble quest to expand humanity’s reach. Our children and our children’s children will have to continue the search, each succeeding generation moving a little farther out, discovering more answers and even greater questions. The Universe awaits our audacious human spirit. Be patient . . . we are coming.”


  • Countersigners: Eugene A. Cernan and Edgar D. Mitchell.
  • Limited Edition of: 550
  • Image Size: 29"w x 16"h.
  • Published: May 2003

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