Governmental entities, either federal or state are not known for their charitable deeds and random acts of kindness owing to their tight fiscal-set budgets and endless red tape surrounding use of public funds. NASA is however tired of that status quo and their charitable actions say volumes in that regard. The philanthropic men and women at NASA are known for their annual benefit dinners and charity auctions all with the aim of raising funds for the less fortunate in America and the world alike. Their donations are not limited to the following beneficiaries: 

Habitat for humanity
Habitat for Humanity builds houses to the larger percent of this world's population who live in extremely dilapidated slums that even an American hobo wouldn't even consider. NASA is proud to be associated with Habitat for Humanity because giving someone a home is a timeless and precious charity.

St. Jude's Children's Hospital
St Jude is the patron saint of hope and impossible causes and this hospital lives up to these values. They have over the years improved children cancer survival rate from 20% to 80% since its inception. It is the duty of every person to help a child in need and NASA is more than obligated to extend a helping hand to the children in our society.

Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation
This foundation essentially seeks to give tribute to all military women who have defended our nation in the past and presently. From one government agency to another, NASA is motivated to honor the hard work of fellow civil servants and hence their contribution to this foundation.

Feeding America's Hungry Children
Charity begins at home and that's why NASA supports this foundation whose ultimate goal is to feed the over 12 million American children struggling with food insecurity. 

A governmental entity like NASA therefore deserves recognition in their solidarity at home and the rest of the world. Their charitable deeds are have seen needy children fed and nuesed back to health and women recognized for their actions, that is honorable in anyone’s books.

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