Old Concepts, New Ideas



Spying can be fun to do in your spare time. What you spy can determine whether or not it would back-fire you in the future. When it comes to spying, it's best for those who are in the legal fields like NASA to take this task on. Who would've known that spying can revolve around technology. Spying technology can keep the art of spying new. When NASA took on spying, it took that art to a whole new level.

Sometimes we like to spy on what's above us. Looking at the sky and what it has to offer like viewing of the stars can be considered spying above. Looking into a horoscope is a form of spying to look for things like UFOs. When NASA uses spying technology they use it for the greater good. NASA is helping with the advancement of spying technology by gathering telescopes from the National Reconnaissance Office. 

According to Elizabeth Howell of Space.com she mentions that these telescopes are being used for a space mission. From the views of things, it seems like NASA takes one use of the makings of one telescope and modifies it to perfection to make it a whole new model. This is an interesting concept that keeps space observations completely up-to-date. There are many telescopes that NASA uses for the observations of space. 

Advancements come through small and big telescopes alike. There are advancements like the James Webb telescope that can help identify if there are other planets out there. 
Looking for new life on other plants is a relatively old concept but continues to bring new ideas. With the advancements of spying technology you will be astonished with the ideas of finding other planets. Other plants can shock your mind. 

There are always new discoveries in life. NASA keeps making the telescope the Hubble new and improved by allowing new memory sticks on them. Adding on things to one project like the Hubble can allow individuals working for NASA to see invisible light and those using the James Webb to be able to see the infrared light.

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