NASA Still Utilizing the SLS Green Run Test

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After much debate, it has been decided that the Green Run Test will be conducted for the Space Launch System.  It’s believed that the test is critical, and, therefore, NASA has decided not to scrap it after all.  According to NASA, the test is crucial as it allows them to develop confidence in their latest technology.  And, given the enormous size of the new rocket launch, many members of the organization are breathing a sigh of relief.

So, what exactly is the Green Run Test, and why is it so important, yet controversial?  We will be explaining how this test works and why NASA has become so adamant about keeping it in as part of the preparations for this mission.

What is the SLS Green Run Test?

The SLS Green Run Test refers to a test that relates to the Space Launch System megarocket.  This rocket is the largest to have ever been constructed, and, as you can imagine, testing its efficiency is extremely important to ensure that the mission is safe and successful.  The launch is expected to take place next year, and the timing of the test has not yet been disclosed.

The test supposedly takes several months, which is why many people were eager to scrap it.  Currently, the development of the rocket has become extremely delayed, which is why cutting it out would help NASA meet its previously established deadlines. 

Of course, ultimately, the rocket will be used to launch Americans to the moon in 2024, so it’s understandable that many NASA members are feeling antsy to get things started rather than spending months on tests.

The Green Run Test, to put it simply, involves simulating takeoff by testing each individual component before testing the entire system as it would be operating during takeoff.  The word “green” refers to the technology used behind the construction, and the word “run” simply refers to the running of the technology as it would be running during takeoff.

It’s worth noting that NASA has never performed the Green Run Test in the past.  Previously, the core stage was tested using copycat versions of flight hardware rather than the actual hardware itself. 

Part of the reason why pressure is being put on NASA to run the Green Run Test ahead of the SLS launch is because of the fact that this is easily the most complex and large core stage to date.  Therefore, there is a lot more room for error.  Doing the test provides scientists with the ability to see the technology at work exactly how it will be during the launch.  This allows last-minute adjustments to be made based on a more accurate representation of the core stage’s performance.

What we know as of now is that the test will take place in Mississippi, and that it should take place sometime within the next several months.  Overall, NASA is happy to be going forward with the test.

The Green Run Test is Officially Happening…

Which means that NASA specialists will be able to perform a highly comprehensive test on this extremely important and cutting-edge technology.  This means that it’s all the more likely that the following mission will be a successful one.  If all goes well, the next moon landing may take place sooner than anticipated.

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