NASA's Growing Involvement in the Medical Field



NASA is a part of government we all know quite well. While they were launching rockets with humans going to the moon, those days are over. With that being said, what are we finding NASA to be doing? Why we find them growing more and more involved in the medical field.

While the astronauts are now home, the last few years have had NASA looking at the health of those men and women who have served with outer space research. They want to know how gravity and other factors impact astronaut and civilian life. What studies have they looked into?

In 2004, they were looking at how to get a jump on some diseases. It's not any new news to know that if we knew about diseases before there was an outbreak, there wouldn't be so many deaths or cases of these diseases. The only way that is going to happen is if we can help to prevent such diseases. It was with this in mind that they set out to create technology that would help different research centers to to detect and monitor different diseases during the early stages. Their hope is that with this detection and the ability to monitor it, we can learn more about these diseases and hopefully figure out a way to prevent them.

We have also seen NASA work to make healthy lifestyles. One way they were doing that is looking at the link between a treadmill and gravity. With the use of a floating treadmill, NASA was able to study the bone loss which astronauts might encounter throughout the years on the job. With proper exercise and other methods, they are working to help eliminate the bone loss which many have throughout the years.

Heart health has also been something else NASA has been looking to improve. Heart disease is one of the leading cause in death among men and women. It's safe to say we all know someone who has passed or has been affected by a heart condition. In 2007, they have started looking to create a heart monitor that could serve dual purposes. These heart monitors could help save many lives of those who are here on this planet as well as they could be used if we were to once again sending astronauts out on missions. 

The leading technology that NASA has as well as the funds it has are astronomical. With more hands looking at ways to make advancements in health technology, we could save more lives. This might just be done as NASA continues to get involved with the medical field.

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