Parker Solar Probe – A Real “Bright” Spot for NASA


Over the last decade, NASA has truly shown their dominance over the world of space travel with the launching of many unique probes set out to record never-before-gathered data regarding our Solar System.  They’ve achieved this by using their team of engineers to develop new technology that has changed the game of space travel altogether.  One of the probes that we’re most excited about is Parker Solar Probe, which was launched in 2018 to provide us with, ultimately, a deeper understanding of the sun.  Parker Solar Probe has already given us some stunning data that has helped space scientists and inspired the general public.

What is Parker Solar Probe? 

The Parker Solar Probe is not even two years of age, and it has already accomplished quite a lot during its short career.  During its development, it was outfitted with cutting-edge technological mechanisms that have given it the ability to record data that would have been impossible just a few years ago.  One of its pieces of measuring equipment is specifically for recording solar winds.  For those who don’t know, solar wind refers to the movement of electrically charged particles from the sun into the Solar System.

Parker Solar Probe made headlines when it provided us with something that we had never thought was possible before, which is the ability to hear solar winds for ourselves.  Now, Parker Solar Probe does not have microphones onboard, nor any equipment that’s capable of measuring sonic data.  But, it does record amplitudes and frequencies, which allows engineers to convert this data into soundwaves.

Parker Solar Probe is primarily focused on the sun’s corona, which is far hotter than the actual surface of the sun.  Never before has such a thing been possible.  Therefore, Parker Solar Probe is the first probe in history to reach the corona, and so it is capable of teaching us a whole lot about the sun’s magnetic field, which has been quite mysterious to us up until now.

Understanding more about solar winds can help us understand more than just the sun.  These winds affect the entirety of the Solar System, and even impact us here on Earth.  The main goals of the Parker Solar Probe include determining the mechanisms behind the transport of energetic particles, determining the dynamics of the sun’s magnetic fields and finally tracing the acceleration of solar winds via the flow of energy within the corona.  Many individual missions are planned for Parker Solar Probe in the years to come, which means that we expect to learn a lot more in the near future.  But, it’s safe to say that already, we can’t help but feel in awe of what this probe has been capable of giving us in terms of our understanding of the sun and our Solar System as a whole. 

Another Innovation from NASA and It Shows

Parker Solar Probe is breaking new ground by giving us fascinating data regarding the sun and its solar winds.  Over the next few years, we anticipate even more successful and exciting missions.  For the time-being, you can hear these solar winds on NASA’s website.

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