Qualifications for Working Missions Control for NASA

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NASA Missions Control is a great place to work. You're at the center of important mind blowing events and part of history. The astronauts agree that the thousands of support people make their jobs possible. This is the hub of control for every U.S. human space flight and it has been the nerve center for America's manned space program.

The Job:
About 10% of the time is controlling missions. Planning and organizing takes up about 75% of the time, personal training and education is done for the remaining 15%. At a Space Station,t he amount of real time spent on missions is much more as it runs 24/7. The engineers and technicians monitor the systems and activities on the spacecrafts during missions.This is done on the best communication and computer systems available. Besides the main flight controllers at the main console, many other support engineers work in support rooms close by.

The Qualifications: 
There are a variety of positions available and are ever changing. Basically, you need the following to be considered for a position with other specifics for different specializations.
1. You need to be a US citizen, or it is very difficult to get hired, unless you already work for an international partner such as Russia, Canada or the EU.
2. Generally, you need a degree in engineering, however a degree in mathematics, computer science, orbital mechanics or physics could be accepted.
3. You need to be able to pass a criminal history background check.
4. You should have practice on computer generated flight simulator training that replicates space shuttle movements.
5. You need to have an awareness of the overall responsibilities involved from the start to the finish of the missions in general.
6. You need to have the ability to take charge in an emergency and to plan for unforeseen events.
7. You need to be able to create emergency back up plans and to schedule emergency drills.
8. You need to be able to work well on a team and acquire necessary organizational skills.
9. A high standard of integrity is necessary as well as self-discipline and confidence.
10. Technological understanding and awareness of new advances in technology is mandatory.
11. Excellent communication skills, both written, spoken and digitally are a must.

What Next: 
NASA hires based on what is needed at the time. Check the website regularly to see what fields are open, as new opportunities are posted regularly.It is usually necessary to work your way up once you get hired, especially without work experience.

Overall, this is a great and exciting NASA Shop to work with the right qualifications.

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    Please I want know how can work in nasa mission control center and it has hight since low jobs. Next l want know what should the qualifications work at to NASA.

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