SpaceX flown silver coin- this coin spent 14 month in space! Dragon, Falcon, ISS


Flown in space silver coin - this coin spent 14 month in space!

Only 35 coins available for sale! Here are the current, remianing numbers: 12, 14-17, 21-24, 26-30

No discounts accepted for this.

Free Shipping available, however. We include a FREE CRS-14 Mission Patch.

This Space Shuttle silver coin not only contains space shuttle flown material (the inserted capsule at the center of the coin contains flown material from all six Space Shuttles) but also spent 14 month in Space! 

The mission lasted 14 months, 1 day, 1 hour, 18 minutes, 0 seconds from the moment of liftoff until splashdown.

The coins traveled over 176 million miles during their flight and logged approximately 6,704 orbits!

Lauch into Space:

Falcon 9, SpaceX Mission CRS-14 Dragon

Launched on April 2nd 2018 at 20:30:38 UTC


Aboard the SpaceX CRS-17 Dragon

Returned to Earth on June 3rd 2019, at 21:48:38 UTC

Country - Cook Islands

Issued - 2016

Weight - 1oz / 31 g

Grade - Antique

Diameter - 38,61 mm

Material - .999 Silver + flown space shuttle material

Mintage - only 50 coins flew to space! 

This coin is presented in a 9" x 7" frame.

Including flight certificate, numbered certificate for the coin and mission booklet (which contains pictures of testing, integration, lift off, landing and general info)!

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