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Space Suit Durability

Over the last 50 years, the durability of the space suit has, literally gone from stone age to new age. At its inception back in 1944, it has gone from a one-time use to lasting upwards of 15 years. Beginning with a weight years ago staring at 180lbs, the suit now weights 110lbs. And has it has progressed the durability of the suit has gotten longer and longer. With new fibers being used, new techniques in molding the suit and new combinations of metal alloys, the suits have very much increased in stamina as well as the use of not just for one individual, but can be used on more than one person and used again and again. They have...

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NASA Simulation Tests

NASA simulation tests are simulation tests done by the scientists before engaging on the actual act of maybe launching a rocket to space. The major reason why NASA engages in what one would term as a time-wasting deed is to ascertain the efficiency of the involved machinery. Some of the things NASA does involves acts that might prove to be risky to the lives of their involved members. They test their equipment thus to avoid he involved risks. The following are some of the simulations that NASA been up to: Space Simulation This is simply the simulation of existence in space. The astronauts are subjected to a chamber with vacuum and they are made to act like they actually are...

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Top 3 NASA Funny Moments

Traveling into space is a pretty serious job but every now and then NASA and its staff experience some funny moments that make you realize even professional astronauts make mistakes. Whether these funny moments were because of human error, or just something did not go right that day, they are still funny to think about.1998 Mars OrbiterBack in 1998, a mission was designed to take a close look at the climate history of Mars. Also, NASA was hoping to determine if the planet had ever sustained water on it. A $125 million dollar NASA craft was designed and creator especially for this mission. As the man-less craft headed for orbit, it ended up burning up in the atmosphere instead. This...

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