• How do Astronauts Eat in Outer Space?

      When thinking about what life is like in space, most people tend to think about the excitement of being weightless and the amazing journey to outer space and all of its mystery. However, regardless of our whereabouts or demanding tasks, we still have to answer to our stomachs to keep us going. A nutritious diet is important for any human being no matter...
  • "Mission Plus 10" - Giclee Print 11" x 14" or 16" x 24"

    "Mission Plus 10" - Giclee Print 11" x 14" or 16" x 24"
    The Space Shuttle Atlantis leaving Earth from Launch Pad 39B. Shortly after lift-off the shuttle begins a roll program to orient the shuttle orbiter on the underside of the fuel tank for the 8 minute journey into orbit. By flying this way, the forces on the vehicle and astronauts are lessened. My depiction shows the vehicle about half way through this maneuver. Scheduled to...
  • How Does NASA Take Such Great Pictures In Space?

      Over the years NASA, has released a wide array of stunning photos of space phenomena. These photos include everything from spectacular solar flares of our sun to close up photos of the moons of Saturn and Jupiter to galaxies which are light years away and the alien landscape of Mars. All of this is done with technology developed on Earth and put into...
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