• Million Dollar Question Space Question: Is There Life on Mars?

    Β  While life does not appear to currently exist on Mars, scientists have found discoveries that could point to the potential that there were primitive organisms on the planet many years ago. Researchers have pinpointed locations and atmospheric conditions that had the potential to produce life on Mars. Some scientists believe eventually humans can begin to form colonies on the distant planet. While it...
  • How Does NASA Take Such Great Pictures In Space?

    Β  Over the years NASA, has released a wide array of stunning photos of space phenomena. These photos include everything from spectacular solar flares of our sun to close up photos of the moons of Saturn and Jupiter to galaxies which are light years away and the alien landscape of Mars. All of this is done with technology developed on Earth and put into...
  • Space Traveling for the Rich

    Β  In what looks to be the next big thing for those in the "we have so much money we have run out of things to buy" department, space travel. That's right, if you have enough money you can soon start earning your astronaut wings. There are a few companies going right now that say they will soon be offering trips to outer space....
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