• NASA's Contributions to the World of Medicine

    NASA's space exploration has resulted in numerous benefits to the field of health and medicine. Partnerships between NASA and other researchers have led to medical breakthroughs that have evolved medical practice.
  • NASA's Current Stance on Global Warming

    NASA takes the stance that global warming and climate change are real and have been caused by the actions of humans, largely from the time of the Industrial Revolution to the present day. 
  • Photons Traveling from Planets, Distant Stars and Even Galaxies

      The discovery of the photon dramatically changed the way in which we understand our galaxy. For centuries, the way in which light travels was incredibly misunderstood. Now that we understand how photons operate, NASA is able to use this information to make groundbreaking observations about space.  What Are Photons? To put it simply, photons are particles of light. For centuries, scientists could not...
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