What is Each NASA Station's Responsibilities?



The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has 10 research centers and one international space station. The research centers are all located within the United States. Many of NASA's facilities are open to the general public, however, the center's visitor hospitality services will differ. Some of the research centers operate their own visitor's center, but others rely on the services of a private firm.

1. Ames Research Center is located in California. Its responsibility is to research any subject that will bring new knowledge or new technology to NASA.

2. Armstrong Flight Research Center is located in California. Its responsibility is to innovate the newest, fastest, and highest technology in aeronautics and space aviation.

3. Glenn Research Center is located in Ohio. Its responsibility is to develop and transfer critical technical knowledge about the latest research, technology, and systems applications that will make manning an aircraft or spacecraft safe for all of humanity.

4. Goddard Space Flight Center is located in Maryland. Its responsibility is to augment NASA's knowledge about the earth using observations from space. This center specializes in developing and using the unmanned spacecrafts that are sent into the galaxy to collect information.

5. Jet Propulsion Laboratory is located in California. Its responsibility is to create robots that are able to explore the solar system. This center is managed by the California Institute of Technology.

6. Johnson Space Center is located in Texas. Its responsibility is to lead NASA's efforts in human space exploration, this is the facility that trains the astronauts for their mission to space. It trains both American astronauts and the astronauts of its international partners.

7. Kennedy Space Center is located in Florida. Its responsibility is to prepare and launch missions from the earth to different destinations throughout the galaxy.

8. Langley Research Center is located in Virginia. Its responsibility is to stay in the forefront with ground breaking discoveries in aviation and space research. Their goal is to improve the quality of life for others by using the knowledge gained in their scientific research to help improve consumer products.

9. Marshall Space Flight Center is located in Alabama. Its responsibility is to provide access into space for research and exploration by designing space vehicles that will lift from the earth. This center was responsible for the International Space Station's design and oversees its assembly in outer space.

10. Stennis Space Center is located in Mississippi. Its responsibility is to test NASA's rockets, making sure that they are capable of propelling to their determined destinations. This center also specializes in the development of remote sensing technology.


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