What Types of "Chores" are Usually Done Daily Aboard the International Space Station?


Many things happen aboard the International Space Station (ISS), but one of the top daily tasks is doing science experiments. However, keeping the astronauts well-fed is also a top priority; they take turns preparing food for their stay. There are usually two activities carried out at different times during the day.

First, breakfast must be made to start their day on Earth. Then lunch needs to be prepared before they go back on a spacewalk or work shift on Earth. Maintenance work must be done between these two activities daily, and laundry once cleaned up and folded beforehand.

3 Main Chores Performed Daily on the ISS

1. Reporting For Duty

Communication with the ground is a must for the astronauts onboard the ISS. Assembling the tools that they will be using, and testing before stepping out into space to work can be very tedious. The entire platform must be tested before being taken outside for spacewalks to complete maintenance, repair work, or different science experiments.

2. Spacewalking

During an excursion outside the ISS, the spacewalkers must follow instructions and the proper safety precautions. They are responsible for cleaning up the entire exterior of the ISS while they're out there since there's a lot of debris floating around in space near Earth.

3. Exercising

Exercising is a key part of astronauts' daily routine on the ISS. It helps them maintain their muscle tone and also helps them burn off any excess energy that might be left over from their busy workload. Sometimes, they have time to play video games or take part in sporting activities because of the extra time provided by doing this.

Who Usually Does The Daily Tasks At The International Space Station?

The three astronauts who go on a spacewalk during their stay do the daily tasks. They're responsible for ensuring all the food is prepared and ready to eat and take care of any maintenance work at their home base. They also make sure any science experiments they plan on doing are ready to go before heading out into space, and then they report back to Houston if everything is ready to go or if there is anything wrong with them.

What Foods Can Be Prepared By An Astronaut On The ISS?

When preparing food aboard the space station, some foods that we would normally not use in normal life (such as a tuna fish sandwich) can be used. We would also normally use some foods, like chicken and cheese. There are also many other frozen foods they can always rely on if something goes wrong. Frozen foods are thought to be the tastiest, but sometimes they'll have food from Earth either delivered by a space cargo ship or brought up with someone who's staying on board for a while.

How Do Astronauts Deal With Their Laundry Daily Aboard The International Space Station?

After all the dirty clothes have been collected, they're usually just thrown into a bag. Then, sometimes that bag is placed inside another bag so that if anything were to leak out, it wouldn't mess up the entire area around it. Then it will be placed in the freezer for a little while to keep the whole laundry area nice and cold. Once the process is completed, they're sure to look around inside their restroom in case anything is missing.

Now, after everything is done and put away, they'll head back into their living quarters and lie back down on their bed to relax, but they're always sure to be prepared for anything coming their way. There's no telling what might happen the next day. If something has been spilled within the laundry area, it's always best to cover it so as not to leave any marks on the floor.

Why Do Astronauts Need To Do Their Daily Activities At The International Space Station?

Safety is always at the forefront of their minds when doing daily activities. They constantly monitor the situation and make sure to change their plans as they see fit. They often don't know what else to do other than take a break and relax, but they always have something up their sleeves in their mind because it isn't always a completely stable environment. The food they eat on board is all prepared by earth-based people, so sometimes there are problems with it, or one person gets sick and can't work the next day, but that's rare. Many different things can happen at any given time, so it's always best to be prepared and ready for anything.

Final Thoughts

The daily activities of astronauts aboard the ISS follow a strict schedule, often planned months or even years in advance. They are always on the lookout for danger and work hard to keep ISS in top shape while they're out there. It's important to have an organized daily routine because it keeps things running smoothly and gives astronauts time to relax whenever something goes wrong during the day. All these tasks are performed inside the space station itself, where conditions can change at any given time due to the low air pressure outside. Still, once space walks come into play, everything must be checked and double-checked before exiting the ship itself.

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