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An Astronaut’s Ice Cream fan? Space Myth Debunked for Honest Citizens on Earth

Do you know, astronauts before going away on critical missions in the outer-space, while orbiting around the earth, and during their extended missions, willingly leave behind freshly cooked food, snacks (unhealthy and fried)? You won’t believe a few things astronauts have to gulp down in desperation when they are nautical miles away from the earth’s surface, way too far to fetch a subway delivery or grab a beer with nuggets. Here are a few space favorites, which astronauts snack on before going on human-crewed missions: A - Hot-dogs, Spaghetti, Chicken-soup (closed-lid), and meatballs; since all of these items can be stored and eaten without much fuss. B - Calcium, since bones become weak relatively faster and astronauts need some quick...

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