Full Astronaut 6 Piece Suit - Size 6/8

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Size 6/8 Full Astronaut 6 Piece Suit

Young Astronauts: prepare to take a giant leap with this four-piece astronaut spacewalk set. Your adventure will defy gravity!

The set includes a white suit, cap, helmet, backpack, gloves and boots. Sizing of 6/8 Set:

  • 6/8 - Shoulders 14", Sleeve Length 14.5" and Inseam 18", 48-62 lbs and 42-50" in Height.
    Boot Size Choices:
  • Youth Small = Fits most Toddler shoe sizes 6 to 9 or shoes measuring up to 6 inches
  • Youth Medium = Fits most Youth (Boys) shoe sizes 10 to 13 or shoes measuring up to 8 inches
  • Suit Details: Official Looking NASA Style Astronaut Suit
  • Real Chest and Waist Harness Buckles
  • Padded Neck Collar Ring
  • Loaded with Zippers
  • Matching Custom Embroidered Cap
  • High Quality Construction, 100% Polyester
  • Machine Washable! (wash inside out on the gentle cycle)
Helmet Details:
  • Built-in sound chips
  • Spring-loaded retractable faceplate
  • Mock boom microphone for communication
  • Official-looking NASA logo
Backpack Details:
  • Two main compartments, including one large enough to hold the helmet
  • Velcro flap pockets on the sides
  • Official NASA logo and U.S. flag embroidered patches on top flap
  • Three-way harness system makes it comfortable to carry
Boot Details:
  • Designed to fit over shoes or sneakers
  • Bold black and white design includes embroidered NASA logo and American flag patches
  • Zippered pockets
  • Adjustable straps, drawstrings and zippers make them fit snugly and safely on your feet
Astronaut Gloves:
  • Gloves - SIZE SMALL - for this suit
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