Lanyard w/ Flown-in-Space Space Shuttle Columbia piece of a Insulation Blanket Encapsulated

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Lanyard with Flown Space Shuttle Columbia piece of a insulation encapsulated

Own a flown Columbia Space Shuttle artifact for under $50! This high end luxurious lanyard contains a FLOWN piece of a insulation blanket that was installed in the Space Shuttle Columbia - encapsulated in the acrylic cap.The buckle is made out of solid metal that has a futuristic spaceship design that resembles a bit the space shuttle. The strap is made out of white Nylon and has security lock to open in the case of extreme pressure to avoid any personal damage and damage to the lanyard. All other parts such as the key chain are also made out solid metal. Hold it in your hands and you realize the difference to cheap plastic giveaway lanyards ! A certificate of authenticity is stitched into the strap with a unique serial number. The source is a insulation blanket flown on STS-93 (and possibly many other previous flights of Columbia) and removed after this flight. NASA papers are in our possession documenting authenticity. NOTE : The flown artifact of the Space Shuttle Columbia is NOT from the ill-fated flight STS-107, but removed earlier during regular maintenance and sold afterwards.

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