STS-39 Mission Patch

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40th Space Shuttle Mission12th Flight of Discovery Crew:Michael L. Coats, CommanderL. Blaine Hammond, Jr., PilotGuion S. Bluford, Jr., Mission SpecialistRichard J. Hieb, Mission SpecialistGregory J. Harbaugh, Mission SpecialistDonald R. McMonagle, Mission SpecialistCharles Lacy Veach, Mission Specialist This was the eight dedicated Department of Defense Mission in the Space Shuttle program. Unclassified payloads included Air Force Program-675 (AFP-675), Infrared Background Signature Survey (IBSS), Critical Ionization Velocity (CIV), Chemical Release Observation (CRO), Shuttle Pallet Satellite-II (SPAS-II) experiments and Space Test Payload-1 (STP-1).