STS-94 Mission Patch

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STS-94 Microgravity Science Laboratory-1 (MSL-1 reflight) 07/01/1997 07/17/1997 85th Space Shuttle Mission23rd Flight of Columbia Crew:James D. Halsell, Jr., CommanderSusan L. Still, PilotJanice Voss, Payload CommanderMichael L. Gernhardt, Mission SpecialistDonald A. Thomas, Mission SpecialistRoger K. Crouch, Payload SpecialistGregory T. Linteris, Payload Specialist STS-94 marked the first re-flight of the same vehicle, crew and payload in the history of the Space Shuttle program. This was a re-flight of STS-83 that was shortened due to a fuel cell problem.