Crew-1 NASA Spacex Dragon Trucker Cap

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Crew-1 NASA Spacex Dragon Trucker Cap

NEW! Have yours before the CREW-1, October 31st Launch!


Richardson 112 TRUCKER in Royal Blue with black mesh.

Classic trucker cap style built with the Richardson quality and fit you’ve come to expect.

 Mid-Pro,  Cotton-Poly/Nylon Mesh,  Pre-curved.

Crew-1  will be the first crewed operational flight of a Crew Dragon Spacecraft. The Crew Dragon C207 spacecraft, expected to launch no earlier than 27 September 2020 on a Falcon 9 from the Kennedy Space Center LC-39A will carry NASA astronauts Michael Hopkins, Vicor Glover, and Shannon Walker along with JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguchi, all members of the Expedition 64 crew. The mission will be the second overall crewed orbital flight of the Crew Dragon.

Crew-1 marks the beginning of sustained government-commercial partnership missions to the ISS, and its Crew Dragon spacecraft is the focus of the patch.  The spacecraft, composed of the capsule and trunk, is flying from the bottom left toward the upper right, representing ascent and insertion to orbital flight. The Crew Dragon is superimposed on a background of stars and completes the outline of a dragon’s head.

The letter C borders the patch, which together with the number 1 in the foreground represent the mission, Crew-1. Shadows of the legacy human spaceflight launch programs are on the border to honor and recognize their contributions to the Crew Dragon capsule. The outline of the ISS is also on the border to acknowledge Crew Dragon’s destination and its contribution to maintaining a human presence in low earth orbit for the United States and our international partners.  There are no individual names or flags on the border because the patch honors not just the crew members on board, but all of the countless SpaceX and NASA personnel that worked together to make a sleek and elegant Crew Dragon spacecraft. This patch honors their vision, service, and support.