Expedition 35 Mission Sticker

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Expedition 35 Mission Sticker

Expedition 35 is the 35th mission to the International Space Station. The expedition will start in March 2013, when the Expedition 34 crew departs from the ISS. This will mark the first time a Canadian astronaut - Colonel Chris Hadfield - will be in command of the station. Expedition 35 will also be only the second time an ISS crew is led by neither a NASA astronaut, nor a Roscosmos cosmonaut, after Expedition 21 in 2009, when ESA astronaut Frank de Winne was in command.Number of crew 6 (planned) Launch site Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan Start March 2013

  • Commander Chris Hadfield, CSA

  • Flight Engineer 1 Thomas Marshburn, NASA

  • Flight Engineer 2 Roman Romanenko, RSA

  • Flight Engineer 3 Christopher Cassidy, NASA

  • Flight Engineer 4 Pavel Vinogradov, RSA

  • Flight Engineer 5 Aleksandr Misurkin, RSA