Mercury MR-3 Pen set with Flown-in-Space Parachute Fragments

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Mercury MR-3 Pen set with flown parachute fragments.

This newly released presentation presents the ultimate "must-have" for any space and aviation fan : A high quality pen set consisting of a fineliner and ballpoint pen with each! an incorporated flown artifact from the first American spaceflight - Mercury Redstone 3 - Alan Shepard : Piece of the Freedom 7 capsule parachute - flown in space during this historic first step into space ! Both pens include a flown chute fragment and come in an attractive gift box. This edition is limited strictly to 44 sets and each set comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity. The source of the parachute fragments is Hal French, a NASA engineer who was allowed to cut away a couple pieces from the parachute when it was hoisted to dry at Port Canaveral after return. Copies of the complete paperwork are available to all buyers ! We have kept the pens in a very simple and classical style with the artifact encapsulated in the top of each pen, clearly visible at all times. These pens unlike other cheap promotional items are crafted out of solid metal with a metal winding. Ink cartridges can be easily replaced by regular cartridges available at almost any office store worldwide.

  • Pen set details:Each set contains a ballpoint pen and a fineliner crafted in solid metal
  • Upper and lower barrel in high gloss lacquer with details in full chrome finish* Mission engraved on the middle ring of each pen
  • Encapsulated flown artifact displayed in end cap of each pen
  • Numbered certificate of authenticity with each set
  • Attractive gift box
  • Complimentary notebook
  • Regular replacement cartridges available at any office store