NWA 13366 MARTIAN METEORITE 1.717 gram in Display Box

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Brand: The Space Store

Product Code: MET-MARS1717

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This Martian Meteorite comes in a very stylish, two sided display box, which is simple and elegant. You can display your meteorite at the angle you want. The Mars image further sets off your meteorite. This is a generous sized, 1.717 g NWA 13366 Class: Martian Meteorite (Shergottite) 

Your Martian Meteorite comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the Curator of the Collection. This makes for a great keepsake or gift and the value of the NWA 11668 has gone up over 15% in value over the last year, in terms of the cost to purchase pieces of the NWA 6963

  • Comes with a large 5 x 7,  two sided COA with classification data and hand signed by the Curator of Collection

  • Display Box Size 3.5" x 3.5"