SpaceX CRS-6

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SpaceX CRS-6 was a cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station, contracted to NASA. CRS-6 included science payloads for studying new ways to possibly counteract the microgravity-induced cell damage seen during spaceflight. Also to study the effects of microgravity on the most common cells in bones, gather new insight that could lead to treatments for osteoporosis and muscle wasting conditions, continue studies into astronaut vision changes and test a new material that could one day be used as a synthetic muscle for robotics explorers of the future. 

This mission also attempted to return the nearly-empty first stage of the Falcon 9 through the atmosphere and land it on a 90-by-50-meter (300 ft × 160 ft) floating platform called the autonomous spaceport drone ship. The unmanned rocket technically landed on the floating platform, however it came down with too much lateral velocity, tipped over, and was destroyed.

Landing Date:  21 May 2015, 16:42 UTC

Dates: Apr 14, 2015 – May 21, 2015

Berthing Date: 17 April 2015, 13:29 UTC

Unberthing Date: 21 May 2015, 09:29 UTC

Berthing Port: Harmony nadir

RMS Capture: 17 April 2015, 10:55 UTC