STS-134 Mission Patch

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STS-134 Mission Patch

Our STS-134 NASA Mission Patch is a fully embroidered 4" patchSTS-134 is the 134th and final planned mission of the Space Shuttle Program. This flight will deliver the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and the third ExPRESS Logistics Carrier to the International Space Station.The mission will also mark the final flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour.Design changes in AMS-02 as well as delays to STS-133 have led to delays in the mission, and it is now targeted to launch on February 26, 2011. The experiment leader, Samuel Ting, has decided to replace the powerful superconducting magnet inside the spectrometer with an ordinary magnet.

Mission name STS-134

  • Space shuttle Endeavour
  • Launch pad 39A
  • Launch date NET 19 April 2011, 19:48 EDT
  • Landing NET 3 May 2011
  • Mission duration 14 days
  • Orbital altitude 225 kilometres (121 nmi)
  • Orbital inclination 51.6 degrees
  • Commander Mark E. Kelly
  • Pilot Gregory H. Johnson
  • Mission Specialist 1 Michael Fincke
  • Mission Specialist 2 Roberto Vittori, ESA
  • Mission Specialist 3 Andrew J. Feustel
  • Mission Specialist 4 Gregory Chamitoff