STS-61B Mission Patch

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STS-61 -- B Mexican Satellite MORELOS-B; Australian Satellite AUSSAT-2; RCA Americom Satellite SATCOM KU-2 11/26/1985 12/03/1985 23rd Space Shuttle Mission2nd Flight of Atlantis Crew:Brewster H. Shaw, Jr., CommanderBryan D. O'Connor, PilotMary L. Cleave, Mission SpecialistSherwood C. Spring, Mission SpecialistJerry L. Ross, Mission SpecialistRodolpho Neri Vela, Payload SpecialistCharles D. Walker, Payload Specialist Three communications satellites were deployed. These included MORELOS-B for Mexico, AUSSAT-2 for Australia and SATCOM-KU-2 for RCA Americom. MORELOS-B and AUSSAT-2 were attached to PAM-D solid rocket motors. SATCOM-KU-2 was attached to a PAM-D2 solid rocket motor, designed for heavier payloads.