STS-71 Mission Patch

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69th Space Shuttle Mission14th Flight of Atlantis 100th U.S. Manned Space FlightCrew:Robert L. "Hoot" Gibson, CommanderCharles J. Precourt, PilotEllen S. Baker, Payload CommanderGregory J. Harbaugh, Mission SpecialistBonnie J. Dunbar, Mission Specialist In addition to holding the distinction of being the 100th U.S. manned space flight, STS-71 marked several other important milestones. The mission featured the first on-orbit changeout of a Space Shuttle crew, and for the first time a U.S. spacecraft returned to Earth with more occupants than when it departed. The docking of Atlantis to Mir also created the largest man-made object in space, weighing about 225 tons. Atlantis made its historic docking with Mir at 9:00 a.m. EDT on June 29, 1995 about 216 nautical miles above the Lake Baykal region of the Russian Federation.