STS-75 Mission Patch

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STS-75 Tethered Satellite System Reflight (TSS-1R); United States Microgravity Payload - 3 (USMP-3) 02/22/1996 03/09/1996 75th Space Shuttle Mission19th Flight of Columbia Crew:Andrew M. Allen, CommanderScott J. Horowitz, PilotFranklin R. Chang-Diaz, Payload CommanderJeffrey A. Hoffman, Mission SpecialistMaurizio Cheli, Mission SpecialistClaude Nicollier, Mission SpecialistUmberto Guidoni, Payload Specialist Primary payloads were the U.S./Italian Tethered Satellite System (TSS-1R) satellite and the U.S. Microgravity Payload-3 (USMP-3) scientific package housed in the Shuttle's payload bay