STS- 79 Mission Patch

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STS-79 Mission patch

The Fourth Shuttle-Mir docking 09/16/1996 09/26/1996 79th Space Shuttle Mission17th Flight of Atlantis Crew:William F. Readdy, CommanderTerrence W. Wilcutt, PilotTom Akers, Mission SpecialistJay Apt, Mission SpecialistCarl E. Walz, Mission SpecialistEmbarking to Mir: John E. Blaha, Mission Specialist Returning from Mir: Shannon W. Lucid, Mission Specialist This was the fourth Space Shuttle mission to feature a docking with the Russian Mir Space Station. Although crews had been previously changed out between the Space Shuttle and Mir, STS-79 marked the first changeout of a strictly U.S. crew. Astronaut Shannon Lucid's stay of 188 days in space set a new U.S. space endurance record and a world space endurance record for a woman.