STS- 86 Mission Patch

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STS-86 Seventh Shuttle-Mir docking 09/25/1997 10/06/1997 87th Space Shuttle Mission20th Flight of Atlantis Crew:James D. Wetherbee, CommanderMichael J. Bloomfield, PilotJean-Loup J.M. Chretien, Mission SpecialistWendy B. Lawrence, Mission SpecialistScott E. Parazynski, Mission SpecialistVladimir G. Titov, Mission Specialist Embarking to Mir: David A. Wolf, Mission Specialist Returning from Mir: C. Michael Foale, Mission Specialist The primary goal of the mission was the seventh docking of a Space Shuttle to the Russian Mir Space Station and the fifth consecutive transfer of U.S. astronauts aboard Mir.