NEW! The long awaited release, is now in stock!  Limited to 2500 numbered editions. The frame size is 16" x 13".

The first frame to have a medallion with both flown to the moon metal and lunar meteorite material as well! 

"Apollo 11 - We Came in Peace" commemorates the incredible achievements of Apollo 11 and humanity's first exploration of the moon.

It also honors those who made its success possible, recognizes Apollo's contributions to America's future space endeavors and celebrates Apollo 11's 50th Anniversary. As the manufacturer, Winco International hereby certifies that "Apollo 11 - We Came in Peace"is a NASA Official Limited Edition and only 2,500 pieces will be produced. 

Winco also certifies that the featured, edition exclusive medallion, has the distinction of being the first to be minted with flown-to-the-moon Apollo 11Command Module and Lunar Meteorite (NWA 11303) materials. The "First Footprints" and "Apollo 11 Lunar Plaque" emblems are also edition exclusives."First Footprints" and the three other Apollo emblems contain metals from other Apollo Command Modules that flew to the moon. Prominently featured is a "First Man on the Moon" limited release First Day Cover as officially issued on September 9, 1969. The frame's limited edition number is engraved on its story plate and is certified by the matching number below. 

The included COA is a large 5 9/16" x 5 3/4", that is in an enclosed envelope, attached to the back of the frame. 

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