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The idea of space and all its mystery has excited the masses for years. Since the late 1950s American star buffs have looked to the night sky in wonderment, so it stands to reason that anything revolving around said matter would warrant merriment and awe. NASA in and of itself is a symbol of hope for the future, but the space program might not cause as much enthusiasm if its logo were something unmemorable.

One noteworthy NASA logo design is simple but eye catching. The space program's name--NASA--is printed in large block letters. Instead of having a dull, run of the mill black filler for each of the letters, a whimsical image of space is concealed within said letters' lines. The background is white, although a non-existent background would be better suited for the logo's purposes.

The next logo that grabs one's attention is NASA's original logo. The symbol is circular, almost like a boy's scout patch. One large circle outlines a smaller one, and contains the full name of the space program. NASA's signature royal blue sets the background of the center circle, causing the yellow, unnamed planet to pop near the left side of the image. A red swoosh is connected to the anonymous planet, and a depiction of a blurred rocket is seen flying off into the stars in the distance.

With so many stars and solar systems in the universe it only makes since that some of NASA's logos resemble the routes of exploration they are willing to take. The space program's Orion logo was meant to not only represent NASA, but also the vehicle that would actually set foot on unearthly surfaces. It is a triangular symbol with a star spattered surface. A blue planet makes up the "O" in the word Orion plastered across the logos bottom section. Three stars, in accordance with the three stars which make up Orion's belt, are enlarged and trailing away from the before mentioned planet. Another perfect example of simple yet elegant designing.

Symbols are used to make unfamiliar things more relatable. Aside from the actual acts of space exploration, people think of NASA's logo when they think of America's space program. Who wants to be remembered for a mundane and forgettable look? It only makes sense that the company logo should be as equally engaging as the business being carried out. Space will last forever, and thanks to these inspiring logos, so too can beloved NASA.

  • Oct 06, 2017
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