• NASA's Use of Droids

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    Out of Kepler telescope’s many missions, its most important involved searching for exoplanets throughout the Milky Way. Of the 1,028 confirmed planets, most would have been hostile to life as we know it. Some planets, however, as speculated by scientists, contained liquid water and were the necessary size and distance from their suns to support life. Such findings fuel the imagination, but there’s only one...
  • What Do Certain NASA Pins Symbolize?

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    What Do Certain NASA Pins Symbolize?
    Nowadays, replica NASA pins are considered valuable pieces of memorabilia, and they allow us to feel, even if just for a second, like we are stepping into the shoes of our heroes who travel far into space in order to tell us more about our Solar System.
  • How Important is Voyager 2 to NASA?

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    NASA has developed many space probes throughout its history, but there’s one name in particular that always comes up in conversation, and that’s Voyager 2.  
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