Keep a Part of Apollo 11 History With You - Robbins Medallions from The Space Store


Space and space expeditions are the world’s most fascinating stories to tell, share, and experience even from distant quarters. To be able to achieve a space exploration mission, was humankind’s most celebrated day, even after 50 years. The Apollo 11, launched from the earth’s surface on July 16th, 1969 reached and landed on the moon’s surface on July 20th, 1969 after four-days of a journey into the open, unexplored, and free-for-all space.

The journey commemorated the landing of first human being on the earth’s surface in the form of Neil Armstrong (the mission commander for Apollo 11) along with Buzz Aldrin, the pilot alongside Neil. To mark 50 years of that historical and remarkable feat, Robbins Medallions were presented. The medallions are a line of collectable ‘Eagle’ copper medallions from The Space Store - something that ordinary citizens of the country will take pride in curating, collecting, and showcasing it to the future generations, who aren’t yet born or are too naive to understand the importance of one such souvenir.

What’s Special?

Made from original dyes and closely working with the Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins families, the mint and shining editions of the antique copper medallions are made available at stores and online with a Medallion stand - something that nobody else planned before.

These Robbins Medallions have been a special item for collectors who’ve been collecting the same since they came into existence post the successful launch of Apollo 7, another U.S. manned mission. Since then, 200-500 medallions are made for each subsequent purpose, with the Apollo 11 being the most successful of those missions ever undertaken by NASA.

Hurry up to collect the most sought-after items before everything’s been sold. There are only a few pieces up for grabs.

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