NASA Inspired Armageddon?
For those out there who have absolutely no idea which Armageddon is being referred to, allow a couple moments for elaboration. Armageddon is not the fire and brim stone, end of the world event. It is the 90's Michael Bay film that has come under a questioning eye. Now, that being said, with all of the space and astronauts in the movie it leaves one wondering whether or not NASA inspired the action packed adventure.

Although the movie is filled with the supposed final frontier, and astronauts are rushing to save the Earth, there is no full evidence to suggest that NASA prompted the idea for the film. It has been a long standing fact that the concept of the end of the world intrigues many a movie goer. The title alone could prompt the masses to flood theaters. Add in an all star cast and a soundtrack with a beloved rock band and cinema junkies turned to putty in Michael Bay's hands.

Of course, that is not to say that NASA didn't have a few things to say about the space, disaster movie. Like the multitudes of other movies floating around out there, Armageddon was not entirely factual on more than one occasion. In fact, it is said that NASA uses said film in their Management Training Program. There is about one hundred sixty-eight impossible scenarios within the feature, and staff members are required to identify as many of these flaws as they can throughout the exercise. That means that NASA members have a chance nearly every minute of the two hour film to catch a mistake.

However, rumors have surfaced suggesting that the 1998 blockbuster might have inspired one of NASA's ventures. In a section of President Obama's budget plan it has been discovered that one hundred five million dollars are being set aside for NASA to locate an asteroid, capture it, and relocate it near Earth's moon. The somewhat recent discovery that such a feat is possible prompted The White House to fund the escapade, making it one of the top investment priorities.

All in all, the box office hit may not have been one hundred percent factual, but it seems to have inspired NASA to go a step further in their endeavors. Though the topic of Judgment Day is pretty hot, it doesn't seem to be coming from an asteroid hurling toward the Earth. With the money America's Commander and Chief is dishing out one can only hope there is enough dollars in the budget to support a what if scenario for NASA in case their asteroid idea goes horribly wrong.
  • Sep 07, 2018
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