Robbins Medallions Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Medallions


Commemorate a space history moment with Robbins medallions

If you are a true space enthusiast and like to collect rare space paraphernalia, you wouldn’t want to miss out on Robbins medallions. If you don’t already know about the medallions, let us give you a brief into their history.

Robbin medallions have been a part of every manned US space mission since the time Apollo 7 set forth on its journey into space. A couple of interesting facts about Robbin medallions - the crews bore the cost of producing them, and NASA astronauts could only buy them. However, they are now available for purchase by collectors and space enthusiasts.

All Robbins medallions featured launch and return dates. There were hundreds of these medallions produced for every Apollo mission. If you are a collector who is looking to add rare and precious Robbins medallions to their collection, you know that the chances that you are going to get one of the original ones are slim. Having said that, if you are fortunate, you will find a source that will help you buy one of the NASA commemorative medallions.

As the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 draws near, The Space Store is giving you the opportunity to purchase Robbins Commemorative Antique Copper Medallion to celebrate this significant moment in space history. There are several Robbins Medallions releases: 1 Copper, 4 Silver, and 2 Gold Robbins medallions. The prices of these medallions varies according to type, weight, and mintage. 1 oz copper medallions are being minted from the period spanning the 49th Anniversary to the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11. The Copper Medallions have an open ended Mintage up to the 50th Apollo 11 Anniversary date.

Among the 4 Silver Medallions, there is a 1 oz silver plated medallions featuring NASA Apollo patch will have a 50k mintage. There is a 1 oz Silver Medallion with 25k mintage, that will feature space flown material from actual Apollo missions. There is a 5 oz Silver Medallion with a 5k mintage and a 50 oz Silver Medallion with a 1k mintage. 

The 1/2 oz gold medallions have a mintage of 2019. while the 1969 mintage 1 oz gold version featuring space flown material from actual Apollo missions will have a 1969 mintage total . 

Buy one now and proudly own a piece of history!

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