NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has always been in the fore front when it comes to weather technology. New and inventive ways are always being used and implemented. You want to know what the weather is going to be because the day before, so you and your family/friends can make plans. So NASA is a vital part of our lives when it comes to us being comfortable and safe.

New ways are being developed all the time with NASA. One new way is the ability to detect and measure a phenomena without making contact with it. With this instrument the ability to prediction bad weather could be radically perfected. These instruments are called remote sensing instruments. Fore casting can be extremely complicated, and each result can differ greatly, however with this new instrument may change that. NASA stands behind the testing and perfection of this new device. We will be hearing a lot more this instrument in the upcoming future!

NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) has also joined forces with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and others to develop a unique concept known as Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer. This is a new measuring concept. If this concept is successful, important information about water vapor, temperature and wind will be readily available to help in the prediction and observation of serious weather conditions. Water vapors play a huge part in weather determination. They absorb energy emitted from the earth. They come in contact with the atmosphere through the evaporation of lake water and oceans. When they are finally cooled by being forced upward, clouds are then formed. Water vapor and clouds effect the earth's climate in a huge way. When water vapors turn into clouds, the energy that is produced can cause severe.

Lacking in the ability to truly understand this 3 part movement, of water, vapor, and clouds, keeps us from accurately be able to predict the weather. By Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer or GIFTS incorporating new technological techniques we will be to see what's really going on as this 3 part movement is taking place! GIFTS will implement their supreme technologies in active cooling, fast data processing, imaging spectrometry, radiation protection and more!

If we give our researchers the support and encouragement they need, we will eventually be the leaders in the world, when it comes to weather prediction. However that requires hard work and perseverance! NASA is constantly coming up with new weather technology, be on the look out for the next one!

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